Q: I signed up but have not received my User I.D. and password as promised? What's happening? A: Due to Internet conditions and because is located on a new Server, emails may take up to 20 minutes to arrive. This delay should reduce considerably once the Server has built up a 'spammer' list to prevent it being overloaded. If you do not receive an email message within 20 minutes or so then try to re-register. Are you sure you entered your email address correctly? If you made a mistake then simply go back to the signup form and try again! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I have my user I.D. and password but cannot connect to my control panel. Why not? A: All user I.D.s and Passwords are tested before they are supplied. Be sure to do the following: * Make sure you have selected the correct category! You may have registered yourself into an incorrect category - for example: you may be a 40 year old gent from California but you registered yourself in the 'under 30 female' category! If this happens then delete your account and re-register. * REFRESH the page that you are trying to connect to * Ensure that the password and the user I.D. are entered EXACTLY as they were given to you. Remember, entering 'PASSWORD' or 'Password' is not the same as entering 'password'. * The newer Browsers automatically may try to enter a password for you if they 'remember' that you were at a site before. Make sure it is the right one! * Check the Security settings on your Browser - you may have your Browser set up so that you cannot access certain type of sites. * If you are connecting from a Work PC or from an Intranet then your system administrator may have disabled this type of access. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Can I change the details that I previously entered for myself at the site? A: Yes you can! Log in to your control panel by going here: If you have forgotten your user I.D. or Password then click the link below the Log-In box and enter the email address that you signed up under. The details will be sent to that email address. If you registered yourself into the wrong category (example: you are male but have registered yourself in the female category!) then simply delete your account and re-register. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I requested that my User I.D. and password be sent to me but it is saying that my email address is not in the database? A: Try all 4 categories (male Under 30, Male 30 and over, Female under 30, Female 30 and over) - you may have selected the wrong one when signing up. If you are in the 'wrong' category then log-in and select the DELETE option. You can then re-register and select the correct category. Be sure to use the EXACT email address that you registered with to check this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I cannot find a Penpal at the site? What are the best ways to search? A: Using the search facility will trawl the complete database of penpals and return all those Penpals with your search word in their record. SINGLE WORD searches work best! For example: Search for Dublin or Galway or California or running or walking or 24 or 50. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: I tried to email a penpal but keep getting an 'internal server error' message - it won't let me send the message. A: Unfortunately some Penpals have put incorrect email addresses into the database. When you try to send them an email message our server says 'hang on a minute' and the attempt fails. This also sometimes happens when they send YOU an email message but because THEIR email address is wrong, you cannot reply to them. If this happens to you then please let us know the name/details of the penpal and we will remove then from the service. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: How can I get a penpal? A: 1. Log in to your control panel and search the listings 2. Click the button beside the person you wish to email 3. Try to email 4 or 5 penpals. Keep a note of who you have emailed. 4. Don't be discouraged.Keep trying! 5. Revise your own listing to encourage emails. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: How can I delete my Penpal registration? A: Log in to your control panel and select the DELETE option. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Where can I get a free email account? A: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: How can I help to keep this service alive? A: Easy! Simply visit our sponsors at: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q: Where can I find more information about Ireland? A: There are thousands of pages of information available at our sites and you can probably find what you want by viewing the Site Map here: Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions: Q: What about my family coat of arms/family crest? A: Go here: Q: Where can I find Irish Tourist information? A: Q: How can I get Irish Citizenship? A: Q: Do you have the lyrics for Irish songs? A: Q: How can I use some of the information on your website? A: Q: Where is the archive of the Newsletters? A: Q: Where can I find out the meaning of Irish language phrases? A: Q: I want to work in Ireland, which site do you recommend? A: Try Q: Do you offer any help with downloading and installing? A:

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